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Introducing microSignet

When semiconductors are manufactured, memories within those semiconductors include naturally occurring defects. These imperfections often don’t interfere with the operation of the semiconductor but these defects are a permanent characteristic.

These physical defects are unique to each piece of silicon, much like a fingerprint is to each human. By using the microSignet 'fingerprints' of specific semiconductors, data such as applications, documents, movies, music and more can be secured to allow access only by specific devices or combinations of devices.

microSignet relies on the physics which drives static and dynamic semiconductor individualities, rather than traditional serialization or software protocols.

microSignet Enhances the Security of Financial Data and Multimedia Distribution

Online security breaches have put retailers under intense pressure to provide the most secure purchasing experience possible. Security breaches have made online banking more cumbersome as banks implement tedious identity verification solutions. Digital content providers are under constant risk of having their valuable movies and music pirated by unauthorized users. There are many other areas where financially sensitive data, in transit and at rest, is at risk.

microSignet addresses these issues directly by relying on the unique identification of the hardware components that process and store high value content. microSignet 'fingerprints', allow these industries to avoid costly and damaging data breaches, drive down the total cost of managing and securing fixed and mobile storage, and simplify the task of meeting strict privacy compliance mandates.