Flash-Râ„¢ Patent Portfolio

  • US5491774:

    Handheld record and playback device with flash memory
  • US5742737:

    Method for recording voice messages on flash memory in a hand held recorder
  • US5787445:

    Operating system including improved file management for use in devices utilizing flash memory as main memory
  • US5839108:

    Flash memory file system in a handheld record and playback device
  • US5842170:

    Method for editing in hand held recorder

e.Digital's Flash-R™ patent portfolio contains fundamental technology essential to the utilization of flash memory in today's large and growing portable electronic products market.

In 1993, e.Digital developed & began marketing the first digital voice recorder with removable flash memory, powered by e.Digital’s then newly developed MicroOS®. In 1996, e.Digital produced and began marketing the first digital voice recorder interface for downloading and managing voice recordings on the PC.

The Flash-R™ portfolio is protected through the years 2014 - 2016.

e.Digital has engaged the legal firm Handal & Associates to manage certain patent enforcement matters on a partial contingent fee basis.