Every snowflake is unique, so is every microchip … for the same reasons

microSignet utilizes the internal physical characteristics of semiconductor memories, to establish a ‘fingerprint’ which uniquely identifies a given piece of hardware, such as a smartphone or desktop computer, that can be used for device authentication, or to bind valuable content to a particular device.


microSignet addresses cumbersome online banking identity verification processes by being a non-reproducible hardware solution

microSignet protects internet distributed multimedia content by using the unique identification of the hardware components that process and store high value content

microSignet can bind applications or data to a physical hardware component


The technology allows naturally occurring variances introduced in the semiconductor fabrication process to be used as a “fingerprint” unique to each integrated circuit. As some of these variances are transient, these “fingerprints” cannot be copied. So, every device in a system becomes part of rights management and data security.

  • Firmware Security: MicroSignet technology can secure the semi-permanent software deeply embedded within products such as USB and hard drive controllers.
  • Configuration Assurance: As each device using MicroSignet technology exhibits unique static and dynamic characteristics, data and processes can be locked to a specific device or combination of devices.
  • Content Management: High value content can be coded for particular target hardware so, cloud based data, presented with MicroSignet technology, can be wholly secured.
  • Financial Data: Integrity Maintains and assures the accuracy and consistency of critical financial data.


System and Method for Managing Information Stored in Semiconductors