The Subtle Art of Listening and
Gauging Situations

Nunchi technologies enable applications in the areas of health, wellness, emergency response, security monitoring, personal safety, social and professional networking, user diaries, communication screening and time management.




Nunchi keeps users better informed and connected while reducing the need for their attention to communication.

Nunchi gives service providers new offerings which they can rely on to increase market share and revenue.

Nunchi allows companies to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.


Nunchi gathers information based on physical sensors, actions in an environment, as well as historical data, and acts on this information to perform operations or communicate. Applications based on Nunchi technology may include the use of the cloud, communication networks, sensors, algorithms, as well as databases, to understand and respond to the needs of people, including:

  • Passwords & Identification: Using information gathered from standard smartphones, Nunchi can identify individuals with unmatched levels of ease and protection.
  • Security & Monitoring: Using device sensors, such as cameras, microphones or motion detectors, Nunchi can notify you of events within your home, business or family.
  • Health & Wellness: Nunchi can utilize individual, demographic and geographic information from devices and databases to help people improve their well-being.
  • Safety & Emergency: Nunchi gathers information to provide personal status to people or emergency services and acts to alert, monitor, track and deter risks.


System and Method for Managing Mobile Communications