There’s no such thing as privacy anymore… now, there is only secrecy

Synap technology enables applications to achieve the highest levels of security; protecting user communications, user data, online transactions, and physical security.


Creation of identical security keys without key exchange

Sensor based generation of random security keys

Enables a full range of security levels


Using sensor technology, it allows separate devices to independently construct large volumes of the same secure data internally, without ever having to exchange secure data between the devices.

  • Fully Secure Communications: Combining random private and independent key generation, Synap enables fully secure communications of voice and data.
  • Secure Portable Financial Transactions: Banking and financial transactions can be protected to the highest levels in mobile and fixed devices.
  • Application Defined Security Levels: Synap enables a full range of security strength as required by the application including perfectly secure.
  • Perfect Security: One cipher is known to be impossible to crack… Synap enables the use of that unique cipher.


Security System, Method, and Apparatus